Friday, May 16, 2014

Scarlett to the rescue!

The other day our little Scarlett must have been inspired when we watched a Lassie movie together, because she tried to follow in Lassie's heroic pawsteps!  When my daughter went outside yesterday, Scarlett told her that something wasn't right.  She ran to my daughter, ran over to the tree in our yard, and then back to my daughter again.  She repeated this a couple times, because humans can be slow to catch on.  Finally, my daughter realized Scarlett was trying to show her something.

There she found this little guy.  He had fallen out of his nest, or jumped, we aren't sure which.  My daughter picked him up, gently dried him off, while Scarlett supervised.  During this process, the scared baby heard his parents calling for him, and started fluttering and moving in excitement.  So my daughter put him down, and his parents quickly joined him.  They all hopped off together under the fence, and that was the last we saw of the little family.

But I have to say, I'm impressed with Scarlett's "rescue" skills.  What a good collie!


  1. Awesome job! Lassie teaches us everything
    Lily & Edward

  2. Good girl Scarlett. Delilah would have eaten it. ;-)

  3. What a good good girl!!
    stella rose

  4. there certainly some Lassie in her :)

  5. Howdy Mates. Oh well done Scarlett. We hope the little birdie survived. Love your last photo. Just beautiful. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. ohhhhh what a fabulous job by Scarlett!!!!! xoxo

  7. Such a typical reaction of all the Collies I've had & known. Gentle & Loving - Best dogs EVER!
    Love your Collies here & on Pinterest :)