Friday, October 5, 2012

Forever Home Friday

This week’s collie rescue group is based in Colorado.  They are a combined rescue group, helping both collies and shelties, so we thought we would share some of their homeless collies in our “Finding our Forever Homes Friday!”

Here is a link to their website:

We believe in Magic. Magic is the name of this 5-year-old neutered male, tri-colored rough Collie. He had been called something else in his “previous life” but this name suits him much better. This sweet dog is a bit malnourished and underweight from crappy food but he is eating well now. His coat was full of burrs and undercoat from years of neglect but he is now showing how spectacular a Collie can look. He has appropriate vaccines and is microchipped with a Home Again chip. His foster family raves about how wonderful this pooch has been with very few adjustment issues to living inside and being a beloved companion dog. How lucky can one dog be?

You will notice that Magic’s nose is lacking some pigment and we have sent appropriate biopsies to CSU to diagnose this concern. Everything else is completely normal. Heartworm negative, good baseline blood work, housebroken, gentle demeanor, child tested with an 8-year-old, no extractions from his dental…and pretty much ready to rock and roll. He is also good with other dogs and is willing to share affection. The cat in his foster home is awfully exciting to Magic but he has shown no aggression, just curiosity.

Magic wants what all of our dogs want . . . a loving family that will make him a priority in their lives. Good quality food, a comfy place to sleep, a shade tree and a couple of humans to call his own. Together, we can make this happen. And then you, too, will believe in Magic.



Precious and Drake
Two Collies came to us when their owner went into hospice care. Precious, the 9-year-old tri-colored rough coat, is aptly named for there has never been a gentler Collie dog. It took some time for her to realize that all good things come from the hands of her foster mom. But she has been willing to put aside the past neglect and love a human again. A couple of weeks of good food and a much-needed bath have improved her outlook. She is hypothyroid and we hope that, with the appropriate level of medication, she will regrow her fur. She has a urinary tract infection (UTI) and is on antibiotics to clear that condition. Her smile is bright since her dental cleaning and she is eating well and enjoying affection from the whole family.

Her good friend and companion is Drake, a 6-year-old blue merle rough coated Collie. Drake is very tender toward his pal Precious. He is often found snuggling up to her on a single dog bed, much like a two-headed Collie. This mild fellow is learning to play as if he was a puppy again and it is fun to watch him to see which dogs he will engage in play. For the first time today, he snagged a sterilized marrow bone and flopped down to chew on it. His teeth are looking great since he had a dental cleaning recently. He understands the whole issue of only going potty outside so we know that he was a “house dog” before things got complicated in his former home. His blood work is all normal and he is ready to move forward to a forever home with all of the privileges that come with unconditional love.

Now, it gets a little complicated. Precious has some health issues that are not quite resolved. She is nearly finished with a round of antibiotics for the UTI but is still having some dribbling so we may need to change antibiotics or try a different kind of med for older females that have leaking problems. We are nearly ready to check her thyroid level and make sure she is in therapeutic range but we may need to tweak the dosage to get the level right where it should be. And the lack of fur is still in process. We hope it is related to her thyroid and nothing else but we cannot be sure for another couple of months while we watch for new hair growth. In any case, the continued medical care is on us.

So, we are hoping that there is a fabulous family that would want both dogs. But they are so different that it is hard to know if that is possible. We will post the two of them and ask for enlightened people to read about them and consider giving them a home together for the rest of their days. If that approach does not work, we would consider sending each of them to different homes. We will have to wait to see what the Universe has in store for Precious and Drake.

Here is this rescue group’s policy for adopting one of their collies:


  1. I sre hope these guys find a forever home. Precious is definitely a fitting name!

  2. Awww - poor Precious. I remember when my Copper (retriever mix) was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. It did take a little while before his thyroid level was where it was supposed to be and his fur finally grew back. It is amazing what that little pill can do to help a dog! It's really inexpensive too so I hope that no one is turned off by a thyroid condition. They both sound like wonderful dogs!

  3. Oh my goodness, all three are absolutely stunning collies!! I hope that Magic's nose is just a quirk and that nothing is wrong with him and that Precious starts to get better really quickly! Thanks for passing them on!! :-) Happy Friday!

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