Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scarlett, Sunnybank and the cruise!

What a crazy few weeks we have had! I ended up in the hospital, and almost unable to go on our cruise last week. It was my first cruise, and it would have been awful if I had missed it. But I was released from the hospital just in time, and the doctor said he thought there wouldn't be a problem if I went. We had a wonderful time, and now that I am back I am missing the white sand beaches and palm trees!
The ship was huge!
While I was away all three of the boys were placed in homes. I miss them so much, it's so hard letting them go! But two of them are in show homes, so we will get to see them again. Scarlett is back home with us now, we met Cathy at Sunnybank to pick her up. She is so sweet, and so adorable!
Sunnybank is about half way, and just seemed like the perfect place to meet. It was strange being there alone, usually when we visit Sunnybank it's for a puppy match. But this time the park was empty, but in three weeks it will be time for The Gathering, and Sunnybank will once again be full of collies!
Just 19 days until The Gathering at Sunnybank! Time to grab one of my books by Albert Payson Terhune, and read about the Sunnybank collies again! Now which one...Bruce, Lad, Wolf or Gray Dawn?

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