Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Heading back to the barn…

 Well, we are heading back to the barn hunts anyway…

Sophie enjoyed the Barn Hunt trial so much, we decided to take an actual lesson.  My daughter came with us, so her collie, Sorsha, could give it a try.  Sorsha loved it just as much as Sophie, so we went ahead and entered an upcoming trial.  

While other dog breeds are actually bred to hunt rats and other rodents, the collies have proven their versatility once again, they are really excelling at this sport.  Hopefully, in the next month or so, they will have earned their novice barn hunt title, RATN.

I love finding new things to try with my collies, and I am so happy that my daughter will be doing this new sport with me.  With two little ones, and another baby on the way, the kids are keeping her pretty busy.  But before there were children, there was Sorsha, so she wanted to find something fun for Sorsha to do, so she still got some individual attention.  I will be updating our experiences with Barn Hunt over the next two months, so please come back!


  1. How fun that you and your daughter can do Barn Hunt with your pups together.

  2. This really looks like a fun sport for the pups!