Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby it's cold time to do a review!

Today a storm is hitting our town, and as the snow is falling outside, the collies are bored.  They want to be outside playing in the snow, but we are making them take a break, to warm up.  Which means it is the perfect time to do a review!  We were asked by to review a treat dispensing toy made by Outward Hound.

Kori is wondering what is in the box!
Scarlett is patiently waiting for the pictures to be over!
Can we be done now Mom?  This looks like fun!
Let's see if they can figure it out...

Kelsea gave it a try...
And Scarlett is the first to figure it out!
As you can see the collies enjoyed this Outward Hound Kibble Drop Toy, and they were all willing to play with it together.   It is made with durable food-safe plastic, and it's BPA, PVC, & phthalate free.  Because it is an interactive toy it helps entertain your dogs when they are stuck inside the house by providing mental stimulation through play.  They are on sale at, and you can find them here: Toys!

We were given this product free of charge from for our honest opinion, and we were not compensated in any way. (other than all the fun we had)  Thanks Chewy and thanks Sydney for sending us these treats!

And we are happy to announce we have just hit 75,000 page views!  Thanks everyone!  Now on to hit that 100,000 mark!


  1. Fun! My dogs love interactive food toys....I should get them out today. No snow here, we're just a little bit too far north.

  2. We have that puzzle too and my pups enjoy it. Stay safe!

  3. WE have had that puzzle from fur a LONG time... it is TRULY fun.... You did a grrrreat review of it...

    Hope the storm isn't TOO bad fur you.

  4. How cool, I bought the kibble drop some 2 weeks ago!! my dogs love it!!!