Friday, January 8, 2016

See Beautiful

We already posted today...but then we learned of a very special blog hop.  It's for Sugar.  And because it's for Sugar, we had to write a second post today.  You see, Sugar and her mom are very special, and when you think dog blogs, you picture Sugar.

Sugar's Blog is one of our favorites.  Not only does Sugar remind us of our sweet, old golden Chloe who passed away about five years ago, but Sugar herself is as sweet as...sugar!  She is always there sharing info, and reminding us to see the beauty in every day.  Sugar's blog was one of the first blogs we started following, and if you visit her blog, you can easily see why.  Sugar is having surgery, to remove a mass on her spleen.  To show her how much we all love her, and  wish her well, please join the blog hop next Friday.

Now for today's blog hop - See Beautiful, in honor of Sugar
Our beautiful Chloe, forever in our hearts (it's not a new picture, but it seemed appropriate)


  1. that was a super sweet photo to share in honor of Sugar for sure! DakotasDen

  2. We think both Sugar and your Chloe are beautiful girls. Thank you for sharing.
    stella rose

  3. Sugar sure is one special girl
    Lily & Edward

  4. Sugar's such a special girl. We had the honor of getting to meet her once. So sorry to hear she's going to have to have another mass removed. We'll be sending the POTP!