Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sad day for Kori

Kori here, mom's washing the dishes and cleaning the house, so I snuck on the compupper.  I iz a sad collie today.  Last night, mom promised to take me to a fun doggie class.  It wuz called "Dogs just wanna have fun."  Doesn't that sound pawesome?  The class was suppose to teach me new tricks and then all the doggies would get to play dog games together and try out some of the agility equipment!

Mom even agreed to let me bring Holly collie, cause she is my bestie.  So we piled into the car, and I was so happy I barked the whole 30 minute drive!  Mom kept saying "I needed to stop, and that she could turn the car around!"  But she didn't, cause she knew I was just one excited pupper!

When we finally arrived at the class...the building was locked!  They canceled the class, because the training facility was hosting an agility trial this weekend and they were busy setting up for that.

Mom promised we would try to go another week.  But I wanted to go this week!  Life is so unfair sometimes, what's a collie to do?

Sad collie is sad!


  1. We say it is always the hu-dad's fault when he says we are going to do something and then we don't. We recommend taking over the whole bed as punishment. Wait - we do that anyway.

  2. Bowsers, we hate when that happens. Look forward to hearing you adventures when they are open.

  3. Totally not cool! You get all excited to go and have some fun, then all you get is a 30 minute car ride? Boo! Hopefully you will have double the fun next time!!