Friday, August 31, 2018

Winter has something to say...

Hi everyone,Winter here!  I'm taking over the blog to share an extra special review with you!  As the youngest collie in the family, I wanted to try doing a review all by myself! 

One of my favorite things to do is to take a long hike with my family.  We get to explore new places, with all kinds of new smells.  But all that walking sure makes me one hungry puppy!  Fortunately, my friends at sent us one of their special Goody Boxes!  They have one for birthdays, one that contains grain free treats,and one that contains items made in the USA.  Did you know they made these?  They even make them for kitties!

We were sent the Grain-free Goody box from our friends at Chewy.  And oh dog, was I excited to see what was inside!  I couldn't wait to get my paws on this box!

Just look at all this stuff!  Six kinds of treats and a new toy!  Mom said I am sure one lucky duck dog!  And I have to agree, even if I have to share the treats with the other collies.  Check out what wrote about what they put in every Grain free Goody Box:

  • Five or more full-size goodies from premium brands, all grain-free.
  • Handpicked gifts for dogs of all sizes. Recommended for dogs of all ages except for LID food for adult dogs.
  • Great savings on everyday prices on this selection of treats, food and toys, plus free shipping on every Chewy Goody Box order!
  • Surprise your own precious pooch, or give the Chewy Goody Box to friends and family as a thoughtful pet gift box.
  • It’s great for special occasions, new pet adoptions, pet birthdays or a special present for any day of the year.
I couldn't wait to try every delicious treat, and they were so yummy I didn't even mind sharing!  I am hoping I can convince Mom to get me the Birthday Goody Box when my birthday rolls around in January.  (paws crossed!)  I think you should all get your dogs and kitties a Goody box for their birthdays or Gotcha days...or even just because you love us!

Thanks Chewy for sending this Goody box.  (which we received for free, so I could share my honest O-paw-nion with all of you!)


  1. There is lots of yummy stuffs in that goody box for you and your pack to enjoy! Great review, Winter!

  2. oh we love that box, Winter you are the luckiest pup ever... is the piggy (is it a piggy?) still alive or pig-fettied? Bravo for a super review!!!

  3. Winter, you certainly did a great job posing so nicely next to all those goodies.