Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Coming of Abby, part 2

After receiving the text, the next few hours dragged by slowly.  But finally, the conference ended and I ran home to pick up my daughter and then we headed over to my sister's house to meet the new arrivals.  To say I was excited does not do justice to what I was feeling that day, we had been waiting a very long time for our girl to arrive, and she was here!  Angel had given birth to two little girls, and at this point we didn't know which one would be ours, but they were both smooth collies and both were sable and white.

Already in love, we visited as often as we could, probably more than we were welcome!  But we couldn't stay away, one of these two sweet,beautiful sisters would be ours and we didn't want to miss a thing.  Collie puppies, like most dogs, grow very quickly.  They start out blind and deaf, and so very tiny.  When they are about a week and a half old, their eyes open, they start to hear, and their personalities begin to develop.

They grow and change so rapidly, the expression "if you blink, you'll miss it" could definitely be applied to puppies.  Puppyhood passes by in just months, unlike our own childhoods which last years.  So we took lots of pictures and watched the puppies grow and change.  The two sisters were named Abby and CC, and as the title of the post implies, Abby was to become ours.


  1. PUPPYBREATH!! Abby and her sister were SO cute!!

  2. Hi, Abbey and CC were beautiful pups! Abby is so beautiful; I had never seen smoothe coated Collies before reading of yours.

  3. There is nothing more precious than a puppy. How exciting to be there from the very beginning!

  4. oh I agree.... it is like a miracle.... they grow over night, one day without a photo is a lost day.... I often read in comments how fast Phenny grows... and if I look at him I think: oh man it's true :O)))))