Friday, November 25, 2016

What can I buy my dog for Christmas?

Today we wanted to discuss a product made by Health Extension, a maker of holistic dog and cat food, as well as treats.  Health Extension is a company that strives to provide quality, healthy foods and treats.  According to their website, they never use by-products, gluten, wheat, corn, soy or  artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  And their foods are made entirely in America, which is something we always love to see!

We first discovered this company at a local Pet expo.  We were attending the event with a few of our collies, so that we could participate in the "Meet the Breeds."  As we were wandering around the building checking out all the vendors, we were stopped at the Health Extension booth.  The representative told us about her products and she offered Ryder a sample of their Health Extension Bison Bites.  To say that Ryder devoured those treats does not adequately describe his reaction, he LOVED them.  He loved those treats so much, he kept stopping by the booth every time we passed by their table.  So we are very excited to do this review, to help others discover these fantastic treats, and this great company.

Health Extension Bison Bites are made with 100% all natural, free range Bison, sourced and made in the USA. So for those pet parents looking to keep your pets on a limited ingredient diet, you will be happy with these treats as Bison is the ONLY ingredient!

Ingredients:100% Free Range Bison

Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Crude Protein, Not Less Than 70%
  • Crude Fat, Not Less Than 5%
  • Crude Fiber, Not More Than 8%
  • Moisture, Not More Than 15%

Now when you open the bag of Bison bites the first thing you will notice is that these treats have a strong scent.  But they are made from 100% Bison, so that shouldn't be a surprise.  And that smell is very appealing to dogs, it always starts my collies drooling.  They all love these treats, from our youngest pups who are 6 months old, to our seniors who are 10 and 11 years old.  Even our pickiest collie loves them, and comes running when she hears the bag opening.

You can find these treats and Health Extension's other products at many of the smaller pet supply stores and you can find them at  The collies give these treats their highest rating of 4 paws up.  They think your dogs will love getting these drool-worthy treats as a gift this holiday season!  In fact, they want you to remember them whether you are out fighting the Black Friday crowds or if you prefer cyber shopping, because dogs love getting gifts too! (especially edible ones!)


  1. Mom loves getting me 1-ingredient treats. These sound perfect. I think we will add them to my next Chewy order! Thanks for the heads-up, Collies!

    Love and licks,

  2. that is a super idea... and maybe you get the power of such a bison-guy when you eat the whole package?

  3. What lucky doggies! Sounds like a yummy treat and a good company, too. ~Rascal and Rocco