Monday, November 10, 2014

DADO - what does that mean?

It stands for "Dumb Ass Dog Owner," the subject of today's blog hop.  This blog hop was created for everyone to write about their experiences with dumb dog owners.  It was created/hosted by Heart like a dog and Tales from the backroad.

So what makes a person a dumb dog owner?  I think it is someone who deliberately allows bad behavior in their dogs, or someone who chooses to remain ignorant on how to properly care for and train their dogs.  And sometimes, a dumb dog owner, is just someone who is a lazy pet owner.

I have been a little unfocused while trying to decide what to write for this post.  There are just so many stories to choose from, I am having trouble narrowing it down!  There are the stories I could share from my time working at a veterinary hospital.  There are the stories about people I have met in my own neighborhood.  There are stories from my experiences at dog shows.  And finally, there are stories from people I have had arguments with on Facebook.  So which do I choose?

I guess I will share the stories that bothered me the most.  For instance, while I was working at an animal hospital, a black Labrador was brought in to the hospital by the police.  He was accompanying his owner on a quick trip to run errands around town.  While they were out driving around the owner’s truck was hit by another car, in a pretty bad motor vehicle accident.  I don’t know who was at fault for the accident…but I do know that most of the dog’s injuries were caused by his dumb owner.  Why?  Because his owner had this sweet, beautiful dog riding in the back of his pick-up truck unsecured.  Dogs do not belong in the backs of trucks, ever.  Not only are they in danger because of possible accidents, they could also injure themselves by jumping out of the truck.  Because no matter how well trained you think your dog is, if he sees two dogs running and playing alongside the road, he may jump out to join them.   Or he may see something that just excites him so much, he forgets everything you have taught him and just reacts by leaping out of your truck and into the path of oncoming traffic.  Why do people still think this is ok? 

Or how about the dog owner on one of the collie groups on Facebook who posts about breeding her collies?  Now, I am not saying that breeding your dogs makes you a DADO.  Without reputable, knowledgeable dog breeders, we wouldn’t have all the wonderful dog breeds we all love so much.  But when you adopt two collies without registration papers off of Craig’s List, and then breed them without doing any health testing what so ever, and then try to sell them on Facebook to strangers…well, that makes you an extreme DADO.  You don’t know what kind of health problems those puppies might develop, you don’t know what kind of temperaments they may have, and you do not know if those random strangers you met on the internet are going to provide loving, caring homes for those puppies.  And then when you fight with the people who try to educate you, because you announce “you are going to breed another litter because rescues charge too much money,” you are showing that not only are you ignorant, you are choosing to remain that way.

And how about the friend, from my past, who posts online to ask “does anyone know anyone giving away kittens?”  Because he will not get one from a shelter or rescue, because they charge exorbitant fees for mutilated animals!  (He thinks they are mutilated by being spayed or neutered, as he actually believes that all animals should be free to reproduce at least once.  Can you imagine the animal overpopulation we would be facing if everyone shared his views?) And I guess this makes him a DACO, Dumb Ass Cat Owner, technically speaking...

There are just too many stories, and that is just sad. 


  1. We agree....our mom says she runs into those dumbasses all the damn time....we are having problem with saying bad words today.
    stella rse

  2. Wow, it's a little horrifying that you had so many DADO stories you had trouble deciding between them.

    But I was wondering if the person with the labrador ever let his dog ride in a pick up truck again. If he's not compassionate enough to make a smart decision, maybe he'll at least act in his own financial best interests.

  3. Hmmm...we don't like people who ask, "what's wrong with your dog?" - my dad looks at me, and then he asks, "what's wrong with you Sam?". Since I have no idea wht's wrong, I just look back at my dad. My dad then looks t the stranger and says, "I don't know. Sam's fine, I guess it must be you." Then we walk away...

  4. The last DADO (or DACO!) makes me the most furious. I see this all the time on various Facebook pages - people want a free kitten because "the shelter charges too much." They don't understand that the prices at shelters cover spaying/neutering PLUS all vet work and shots! So many kittens could be rescued if only people would stop looking for free stuff all the time and spay/neuter!!

  5. Yeah, backyard breeding sure is big time DADO. I had a coworker that bred her own dogs because "they were so cute and I want to know what the puppies will look like!". They were chihuahuas, and we live in California. Great idea. Great.

  6. Thank you for sharing your DADO experiences.

    Those are all really tough situations. I can't believe people are still allowed to drive with their dogs in the backs of trucks. Once many years ago I saw an El Camino with two Dobermans stop at a stop sign. Something must have peaked their interest because the dogs jumped out of the back and started running around. The person driving did see this but I'm not sure how long it took them to get their dogs back.

    As for people breeding, there are times I really wish licenses were required to do that and litters were limited. There are far too many animals PTS on a daily basis.

    1. I understand what you mean, but giving the government complete and final say over who can breed a dog seems like a bad road to head down. Radical animal rights groups lobby for tougher laws, which on the surface seem to be focused on preventing animal abuse and cruelty, but what most of their supporters do not realize, is that they have hidden agendas. They are constantly slipping in verbiage to these bills that would ultimately lead to preventing us from owning any dogs/pets. Instead what I wish, is that human beings were kinder, more responsible and treated animals with more respect. But most days that seems like an impossible dream. However, there is hope, there are a LOT more people involved with animal welfare and rescue than ever before…so maybe…someday…

  7. Good grief, all those stories are Dumb assery at its finest. The truck one though, we see that in Utah and it makes my blood boil.