Monday, December 23, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

On Saturday, my daughter took Abby to work with her.  Abby needed a bath, so she went to the kennel for the full spa treatment!  (I'm not sure Abby appreciated this particular Christmas gift!) After she was clean and dry, my daughter put Abby's Christmas jingle collar back on, and she went out to play with some of the daycare dogs.

Yesterday we spent the day in New York City.  We went to see the musical, A Christmas Story, which is based on the movie.  We did a lot of walking, and spent quite a bit of time riding on the subways, as we got on the wrong train and ended up in Brooklyn!  But we still had a great time, and the weather was unseasonably warm.  It was in the 60's, and we saw many people wandering around in New England!  The city was fully decorated for Christmas, and the store window displays were beautiful.

The collies would have enjoyed all the walking we did, but it was very crowded.  So they stayed home and one of my daughter's friends stopped over a couple times to let them outside.  Tonight it's back out to fight the crowds, so I can finish up my Christmas shopping.  Hope you are all enjoying the hustle and bustle and the magic of the Christmas season!


  1. It sounds like you guys had just a marvelous time!!
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, and Angus McConnell

  2. It sounds like you all had an adventure

  3. I love New York City. I have cousins that live up there that we visit about every year. There is just something about that city!! Its always a fun to get a good run in after a cleaning.
    Merry Christmas!!
    ~Rebecca & Teach

  4. so adorable!!!! you won a book on Dakota's blog...pls email me your address cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  5. Too funny this Xmas jingle collar , they enjoyed with , I guess :)
    Merry Christmas!