Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sadness is the absence of a pink ball...

Dogs are our best friends, our beloved companions, and our protectors.  But sometimes they are also unintentionally funny.

Lad loved bouncy balls.  Whenever we bought him one he would be full of joy - for about 30 seconds.  Because that was about the length of time it would take him to pop them.  At some point he must have popped one close to Abby, because she became afraid of bouncy balls.

Well, we bought a new one for the puppies, figuring Abby was safe now that Lad isn't here to pop them any longer.  We hoped that we could get Abby to play with the pretty pink ball, and learn that they weren't something to be feared.  But if we couldn't convince her, we would keep it away from her.

Two days ago I was sitting at the computer, playing a game on Facebook.  Suddenly I felt Abby squeezing herself in between my legs and the computer desk. This has always been her hiding place whenever Lad played with a ball.  She feels safer with me.  I looked up, and sure enough Kia and the Avengers were playing with the pink ball in the other room.  So no luck with getting Abby to learn to tolerate the ball, if not actually play with it.

Yesterday, Kori found the ball and was playing with it.  She also loves to play with the ball, and usually joins the Avengers when they play.  But this time she was happily playing with it all by herself....

And it popped!  She looked at the remnants of her ball with great sadness.  I looked at Kori and said to her, "oh no, is your ball gone?"  Kori just looked so heartbroken, it was pitiful and made me want to laugh at the same time.  And Abby, just having walked into the room, started wagging her tail with the happiest look on her face.  It really looked like Abby was happy that the dreaded pink ball was dead!  Silly collies!


The Avengers are growing like crazy!  They went for their eye checks last week, and then for their vaccines this past weekend.  Thor is already 13 lbs, at 8 weeks old!  The others were all over 12 lbs, so they are all big puppies.  The vet said they all looked great, healthy and huge! Captain and Thor are still available, their original families didn't work out.  The family who wanted Thor changed their minds, because the husband had to be admitted for emergency heart surgery.  The family who wanted Captain is now going through a divorce.  It's too bad, because both families sounded perfect for my puppies!

Gentle Captain

Sweet Thor

Pretty Scarlett

Handsome Stark

and Scarlett and Stark


  1. cute babies :)
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    1. Thank you! I was able to add a picture at the top, so that's a start! :) I'll keep playing with it the settings until I get it the way I want. Thanks for the help!